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Wordpress on the cloud

Our technology stack enables deploying the world's most popular CMS on modern cloud infrastructure. Performance, scale and cost-savings you would have to see to believe.

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You will get a comprehensive audit report - free of charge.

Speed and Stability Audit
Can your site handle 100 connections per minute? How about 1,000? We will test for TTFB (Time to First Byte) from multiple locations and perform a stress test with concurrent simulated users.
Core Web Vitals Audit
We will test for Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), First Input Delay (FID) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and make recommendations for improvement.
Security Audit
We test for security vulnerabilities by simulating common attacks. Nothing to worry about - we won't crash your site!



    Meet Our Open Source Technology Stack



    Docker container with NGINX and PHP, optimized for Wordpress.



    Terraform Modules and Ansible Roles for provisioning and configuring infrastructure.



    Kubernetes Helm Charts for orchestrating Wordpress on the cloud.



    Local Wordpress development with containers and Docker Compose.

    Unparalleled Stability

    Even under heavy traffic load, our cloud stack maintains a steady response time. Our configurations and tweaks are designed to squeeze out every drop of juice from the servers and provide the maximum performance even at scale.

    Performance tests are powered by K6.

    Healthy Vitals

    Core Web Vitals are increasingly important for search rankings as Google is emphasising on the quality and consistency of websites that appear in its search results. We offer a 360 degree approach to improving the vitals, from front-end modifications to server-side tweaks.

    No Vendor Lock-in

    We are building our tech on top of some of the most widely adopted and well supported Open Source software tools, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform and NGINX.

    Our tech stack is entirely open source and licensed under MIT. Fork it, hack it, apply it however you see fit. No expensive contracts and no vendor lock-in - that's a promise.

    Talk to an expert

    Struggling with performance on your Wordpress site? Core Web Vitals got you down? Looking to reduce server costs?

    Book a free 30-minute session with a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect and see if we have the right solutions for you.